Map - America

Map - America

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All designs of our wooden world maps and maps are made from natural products, which makes them unique.

It is therefore true that the product you receive may differ slightly from the photo. The color, wood grain, black edges of the production process (we cut it with lasers!) or sometimes minor design upgrades are possible. We always do our best to deliver a beautiful, high-quality product. We think that's important.

We only work with sustainable suppliers, all our wood has a real quality mark (FSC, PEFC), does not come from the rainforest and is grown locally in fast-growing wood forests within Europe. For every design you buy, we plant the same number of trees back, so the impact on the environment you make by buying our design products is very low.
Check our philosophy in the field of durability. 
We think this is super important, especially because of the greater impact we have as a company.


Attaching the world map to the wall is very easy. Check our instruction page.
You will receive an instruction   which explains exactly how the hanging works. You can use the super strong double-sided tape supplied. Because of this tape you don't have to not to drill into the wall which makes it easy to remove the card from the wall after use. But if you want, one screw or nail will of course also suffice.

MDF Black



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