Hanging wooden world maps

We often get the question from people about hanging the wooden world maps. Hanging it up is super easy, fast and you do not have to drill!
With your order we supply a easy to understand mounting instruction and all the materials you need.

Hanging up the map is very simple:

  • You will receive a hanging template to get the positioning of the map on the wall right.
  • You will receive mounting materials to easily attach the map to the wall without permanent damage.
  • The mounting is done using a very strong double-sided tape so you don't have to drill into the wall, which makes hanging super easy.
  • All you have to do is remove the protective film from the tape, position the card correctly and press it on the wall.


Things to consider when hanging:

  • The map is made of a light type of wood, which makes it very easy to attach.
  • The map is best attached to flat, dry, grease-free and dust-free walls.
  • First use a damp cloth to remove any grease and dust and let the wall dry thoroughly.
  • Attaching the card to a lime wall, a rough brick wall, a wall where the paint peels easily or other similar walls that remain dusty is not recommended to do with the supplied mounting materials. If you want to, you can always do it yourself in a different way.
  • Never hang the map above a heater or other heat source, this can make the glue soft and soft and cause the map to come loose.
  • When you remove the map it may leave some residue from the mounting tape or peel of the paint. if it is not attached to the wall properly . Keep that in mind.